Simultaneous translation English to French (main auditorium and during the highlights).

Les interventions majeures ainsi que les 2 jours et demi de sessions de l’amphithéâtre de 900 places seront traduites en simultané en Anglais/Français.

The program will mostly be made up with the presentation submissions.


Innovation in treatment :

  • Motor and non-motor interventions (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech langage therapy, environnement, …),
  • Technology-assisted rehabilitation (robotics, exergaming, telerehabilitation, …),
  • Assistive devices (for movement, communication, learning, …),
  • Low-cost innovation,
  • Surgery (orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery, …),
  • Service provision,
  • Palliative care and pain,
  • Gene therapy, stem cell therapy, neuroprotection,

Innovation in diagnostics and assessments :

  • Brain imagery,
  • Neurophysiology,
  • Musculo-skeletal imagery, modeling and physiology,
  • Movement analysis and biomechanics,
  • Measures especially of function and participation,
  • Cognitive and language assessments,
  • Deep Learning and Big data,

Enhancing participation :

  • Child and family centered research and care,
  • Healthcare models research,
  • Epidemiology, registry based research,
  • Lifespan perspectives,
  • Sports, leisure and community inclusion,